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Functional and high-quality apparel: choose modern or classic models for any occasion, as well as accessories such as umbrellas, luggage and travel bags.

Home textiles

A large selection of textiles for daily use. Check out our offer of textiles for bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the house.

Small electric appliances

Discover our top-quality and durable small appliances for the house, apartment or office. Our products make daily chores easier and more enjoyable.


Check out our cookware offer: from glassware and kitchen utensils to food containers and pots, pans and bakeware.


Choose from our wide selection of household products. Whether it is decorating or cleaning, or anything in between, we offer modern and functional products.


Explore our product range that includes white goods, audio and video equipment, batteries, lighting and electrical accessories.

Do it yourself

Check out our selection of products for any handyman. In this category we offer materials and tools for all kinds of works in the house, garden or car.


We offer products for enjoying the nature and doing sports throughout the year, as well as garden furniture and various holiday products.


For your youngest customers, as well as for those a bit older, we offer a large selection of fun, creative and educational toys and social games.

Our services

Smart sourcing and category development

We offer a unique approach to sourcing through our extensive network of suppliers and a unique IT system. Smart sourcing provides a comprehensive solution: we manage everything from product development through production and quality control to logistics.

Through category development we help our clients with their strategic category development, based on detailed market insights and needs of final customers, and we give our recommendations regarding the product range.

We are committed to developing long-term and sustainable partner relationships with our suppliers and our clients, as well as to modernizing our business operations.

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