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Earth Day Is Every Single Day: Kenty Adria’s Sustainability Initiatives

24/04/2024 Kenty

So, Earth Day just passed, but here's the deal: caring for our planet isn't a one-day gig. No, it's an...

Zvjerići 2: Adventure Continues – Kenty’s Loyalty Program

21/03/2024 Kenty

Kenty Adria is excited to announce Zvjerići 2, the sequel to our highly successful educational loyalty program. Building on our...

Loyalty program for Konzum Plus d.o.o. Croatia „Zvjerići“

27/01/2023 Kenty

Kenty Adria d.o.o. has once again, in cooperation with our partners, designed a loyalty program for Konzum Plus. As in...

Check out Kenty’s offer for saving energy this winter

08/10/2022 Kenty

As the winter is approaching, together with its special challenges, Kenty Adria has ensured a wide selection of various stoves,...

Learn all about the international campaign Play-time

06/10/2022 Kenty

Kenty Adria, in cooperation with its partners, launched an educational and informative campaign called Play-time in the Croatian and Serbian...

KOPIMS, unique tool for faster and simpler sourcing, now features a new interface

15/09/2022 Kenty

It is a new version of the unique system called KOPIMS, which provides a one-time data entry system for our...