proizvodi za štednju energije sijalice kenty adria
  • 08/10/2022
  • Kenty
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As the winter is approaching, together with its special challenges, Kenty Adria has ensured a wide selection of various stoves, fireplaces, heaters, light bulbs and lamps that help save energy and ensure a warm and bright winter. The offer includes Blist stoves and fireplaces, Kumtel electric heaters, as well as Müller Licht light bulbs and lamps.

Blist stoves and fireplaces not only provide excellent heating, but are also a real home decoration. They are the choice of those who love wood and traditional atmosphere created by brightly burning fire crackling in the stove. All Blist products are standardized and certified according to the latest EU standards, as well as highly energy efficient.

Practical Kumtel electric heaters are easy to use and move from room to room, heating the space very quickly. You can choose between thirty models of fan, convector, quartz and various oil-filled heaters.

And finally, Müller Licht light bulbs and lamps provide pleasant lighting, but also save energy. The offer of this renowned European manufacturer includes more than 1000 different models of light bulbs and lamps, and all products are certified according to the applicable EU standards.

Energy saving is always important, especially so now that the winter is approaching, which entails special challenges and requirements. According to the energy saving guidelines in the Republic of Croatia, it is recommended to set the heating temperature at maximum 21°C and to use more LED lighting, as well as to use lighting more rationally in general. These guidelines have been drawn up by the representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and of the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar.

Furthermore, the European Commission’s Gas Demand Reduction Plan provides that all consumers, households, public administrations, owners of public buildings, power suppliers and industry should take measures to reduce gas use by 15% until 31 March 2023.