• 15/09/2022
  • Kenty
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It is a new version of the unique system called KOPIMS, which provides a one-time data entry system for our clients. KOPIMS helps reduce the time spent in supply chain and significantly reduces the risk of data entry errors.

KOPIMS is an acronym for Kenty ordering and product information management system, developed to streamline the sourcing process. Our customers log directly into the system and fill out unambiguous forms, which automatically initiates the sourcing process that starts in any factory in the world and ends when the product passes the cash register in a store.

The first version of KOPIMS was launched in September 2021, and a new, improved version has been available to users since 1 October 2022. It should be noted that Kenty Adria designed and developed the entire system based on the long experience of our team in supply chains of leading Croatian companies. The system is unique in the region, and our clients have already recognized its advantages that resulted in significant savings of both their time and resources.

KOPIMS functionalities include:

  • Overview of offers
  • Placing and viewing orders
  • Logistics calculation
  • Insight into certificates and other documents related to a product and/or order
  • Label proposals for imported goods
  • Insight into product photographs and photographs for the planogram