Informativno-edukativna kampanja Play time | Kenty Adria
  • 06/10/2022
  • Kenty
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Kenty Adria, in cooperation with its partners, launched an educational and informative campaign called Play-time in the Croatian and Serbian market. In Croatia, the campaign is being conducted through Konzum Plus loyalty programmes, and in Serbia through loyalty programmes of Mercator S.
The educational and informative campaign “Think positive, it’s Play-time” has been developed with the aim of strengthening positive thoughts among children and youth through the promotion of sports.

“Last couple of years have brought about a lot of changes to our lives and lives of our children. Even though the exact impact of pandemic on mental and physical development of children is still being assessed, we are all aware that time they spent indoors, without direct contact with their peers, certainly took its toll. The aim of this campaign is to send a message about the importance of mutual respect, team support, helping others, sportsmanship, and especially about always striving for victory.”

When they make a purchase above a certain value or when they purchase selected products, customers receive cards containing details about selected football players. They can collect these cards in a special Play-time album which they get for free when they buy a Play-time slipper bag. In stores, customers can also get free flyers written by Aleksandar Stojanović with interesting facts about football players and their national teams. The campaign will last for 10 weeks in the last quarter of 2022.