• 27/01/2023
  • Kenty
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Kenty Adria d.o.o. has once again, in cooperation with our partners, designed a loyalty program for Konzum Plus. As in the successful projects we have done so far, we were guided by our passion for the work we do.

We have never lost sight of the fact that the end users are also our youngest. That’s why we have designed a program in which children will learn about the diversity of Lijepa naša, through play, collecting stuffed toys and many more educational games included in the album.

By purchasing products in a certain amount or by purchasing selected products, customers receive stickers. They are pasted into an interactive educational album, while by collecting coupons, customers get the opportunity to purchase a stuffed animal characteristic of a certain region of our country at a lower price.

That’s how we connect stuffed animals with an educational album and other contents into one meaningful and fun educational adventure.

To introduce you to the team:

The campaign in Konzum Plus stores lasts from January 26. Until April 05.