OfferChoose for your customers

We offer a large selection of consumer goods, from apparel to toys. It is important to note that before being placed on the shelves, all products pass strict controls in order to meet the pre-established standards.


Our offer of apparel includes women’s, men’s and kids’ apparel, for every season and every occasion. The category also includes beachwear and beach textiles such as swimsuits and beach towels, as well as underwear, socks and pyjamas. It also includes accessories such as luggage and travel bags, as well as umbrellas and glasses. Finally, within the apparel category we also offer workwear and equipment for various professions.

Home textiles

The home textiles category includes bathroom textiles, bedroom textiles, kitchen textiles and other home textiles. Bathroom textiles consist of towels, from large bath towels to small washcloths, bathrobes and shower curtains. Bedroom textiles include bed linen, blankets and throws, quilts, pillows and cushions. Kitchen textiles consist of tablecloths, napkins and kitchen towels, as well as aprons, pot holders and oven mitts.

Small electric appliances

The category of small electric appliances includes:

  • Beverage preparation appliances
  • Cleaning and ironing appliances
  • Food preparation appliances
  • Heating and cooling appliances
  • Personal care appliances


We offer an extensive and high-quality range of cookware. This includes (glass and plastic) food containers, glassware such as glasses and bowls, kitchen utensils and cutlery, as well as pots, pans and bakeware. The category also includes plastic kitchenware and accessories such as dish racks, dish brushes, cutting boards, mixing bowls and other utensils.


Our offer of household equipment includes products that make the home tidier and more comfortable. For starters, we have a range of plastic products that includes large and small plastic boxes for storage and organization of the home. Laundry care products include clothes-drying racks, ironing boards, clothes hangers and clothes pegs. The large plastics line includes plastic basins, buckets and laundry baskets and hampers. There are also cleaning accessories such as brooms, dustpans and floor mop sets. The category also includes mats and carpets. Finally, there are various decorative home accessories such as vases, cushions, mirrors, picture frames and other decorations.


This product range includes white goods, but also audio and video equipment, batteries, lighting and electrical accessories etc.
Here you can find standard selection of white goods, from refrigerators through washing machines and dishwashers to ovens and stoves. Audio and video equipment is comprised of television sets, radio receivers, home theatre systems, cameras etc. Within our line of lighting and electrical accessories we offer lamps, smart lighting solutions, phone chargers, LED lighting etc. Finally, the category also includes extension cables, light bulbs and various batteries.

Do it yourself

We offer a high-quality line of equipment and tools for maintaining a home, garden or car, as well as furniture and accessories for relaxing after work.
The automotive assortment offers car cosmetics (products and accessories for cleaning the car) and car equipment (car seat covers, mats, window shades). For handymen we have prepared various manual, electric and battery-powered tools, as well as other accessories and tools included in our hardware line. Our garden offer includes all the products for maintaining a garden, such as hoses, gloves, garden shears, leaf and garden waste bags etc.


Our seasonal offer includes products for enjoying the outdoors throughout the year, especially in warmer months. We offer a large selection of pools, swings and trampolines for gardens, a camping programme, beach accessories and a special programme of barbecue equipment and accessories. Our offer also includes bikes and scooters, as well as products for sports and recreation. Our holiday offer includes various products related to Christmas and Easter. Another line in this category is garden furniture, which includes garden furniture made from various materials (plastic, metal and wood), as well as other garden and balcony equipment.


Choose from our vast selection of toys. For starters, we have various vehicles – from push cars and scooters through electric cars to toy cars. Our line of outdoor toys includes swings, slides, sand toys etc. We also have special lines consisting of creative, didactic toys, plush toys and first age toys. Finally, this category also includes social games for all age groups.